Beginners Acroyoga course



Tuesdays from 17.30 to 19.30 – 1. Feb. to 31. May (17 classes)
Location: Kastelsvej 58, Gymnastiksal, H028



Acroyoga combines yoga and acrobatics in a style of movement where two or more people are flying and basing each other in partner poses and flows. Acroyoga can be fun and creative. It challenges our strength, flexibility and balance.

For us acroyoga is not only a physical practice that challenges and improves our body control and awareness. It’s also a practice that has introduced us to a community of people where we have made close friendships and learned to cooperate, trust and be playful together. This experience is something we want to share with our students in this fall season of acroyoga classes.

This class is for you if:
– You have never tried acroyoga or tried it less than 15 times
– You want to build a solid foundation for your acroyoga practice
– You want to feel confident in basing and flying foundational acroyoga poses and flows

Try a free intro class: Click this link for a free intro class! 



We (Iris and Camilla) both started practicing acroyoga about 5 years ago. That’s also where we first met. We started teaching 2-3 years ago but we are also still learning more ourselves and improving our acroyoga practice. In our classes we want to create a space where everyone is welcome as they are. Where there’s room for failing and where everyone feels supported.



Student: 1300kr
Not-student: 1500kr
(Write us if you can’t cover the full price and let’s see if we can figure something out 🙂 )



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The classes will be taught in English (men vi snakker også dansk 😉 )