Free Akro Yoga workshop

This and next weekend, I’m hosting two free Acro Yoga workshops together with Camilla and Louise. It is a chance for you to bring a friend, husband or colleague and let them try Acro Yoga, then if you fall in love with it (as you likely will.. okay I’m biased here, I know 😉 ), but if you do, then you still have a chance to sign up for our weekly series this January (See under ‘Events & Classes’).


It is completely free

It is happening in ‘Folkets Hus’ (Stengade 50, 2200 København)

Just sign up by clicking on the picture, and press ‘going’ on facebook.. and while you are at it, why not invite a friend? 

Acro Yoga for your next Bachelorparty?

Have you ever considered Acro Yoga for a bachelor party?

If not, I definitely think you should!

These are some of the reasons why I believe Acro Yoga should be at your next bachelor party:

It’s fun! I can almost guarantee that you will end up rolling on the floor laughing.

It’s an excellent icebreaker, to let people meet and connect: Consider all the people you throw together at that type of gathering. There will likely be people who don’t know each other so well, combined with people who have known each other for years. How do you make everyone feel included? Acro Yoga will help you connect all these people and would be perfect at the start of the day as an icebreaker.

For the active bride and the lazy friend: Acro Yoga is a type of movement that can be easily scaled to all levels of skill and energy. It is a great way to move your body and feel active, without necessarily having to shower afterwards. So, if you want a fun sporty activity, but also want to go to cocktail hour later with your makeup intact, Acro Yoga is for you!

Are you still not convinced? Afraid that one of the guests cannot participate? Or have any questions? Then send me a message, and let us talk about what would suit you.